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Laurus Business Computing specializes in transforming your great idea into a truly exceptional product. We utilize proven methodology to develop a complete conceptualization of your idea, a blueprint of how to build it and a roadmap on when we will arrive at a finished product.

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The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it completely. A professional computer network evaluation from Laurus Business Computing is the first step toward network security and stability.

Our IT support and consulting will keep your staff on the job, and not troubleshooting computer problems. Our staff of IT service support professionals are well versed in all aspects of networking, providing you with the ability to focus solely on your business.

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Case Study: Designer Pools & Spas

Designer Pools is the premier swimming pool installer for Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Founded by Norris Luther in 1982, Designer Pools is still family-owned and operated. They now occupy three locations and have installed thousands of swimming pools throughout the area.

Thirty years ago, when Designer Pools first opened, computers were virtually nonexistent in small business. Today, computer technology touches every aspect of their operation.

Laurus Business Computing provides Designer Pools with comprehensive technology services that range from network engineering, IT-Support, and prescheduled maintenance, to website and email hosting, to website design, SEO, and internet marketing.

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Case Study: was an idea brought to us by Robin and Peter Evenhouse, brother-and-sister teams and owners of Evenhouse Printing, LLC. With the adoption and implementation of Common Core Curriculum and Assessments in New York State schools, Evenhouse Printing quickly identified a profound change in the way schools would access and obtain teaching materials.

In order to capitalize on this emerging market, Evenhouse Printing wished to create an online shopping destination tailored to teachers and administrators looking for professionally-printed common core curriculum resources and materials. That is where we come in.

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Case Study: Goodnature

Since 1976, when Goodnature founder Dale Wettlaufer invented the first ‘Roadsider’ press, this family-owned and operated company has been inventing, building and servicing some of the world’s highest quality juice and beverage processing equipment.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Goodnature strives to provide the industry’s best customer service staff. Laurus Business Computing supports these efforts by providing comprehensive technology services that guarantee Goodnature stays in harmony with its customers.


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Case Study:

Chris Slebioda is an avid sports fan and, like many, he enjoys nothing more than having a spirited debate about his favorite teams and sports. Yet in many of these debates, after arguing his stance until he is blue in the face, he is left with one question: who is right?

After pondering this inherent flaw in sports debates, Chris began to formulate an idea… ‘What if I could grade a debate and once-and-for-all prove who is right and who is wrong?’. This idea turned into

Through collaboration, we developed a complete conceptualization of his product, a blueprint of how to build it and a roadmap on when we would arrive at a finished product. By using our proven development methodology, we have truly brought his dream to life.

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